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Tom Avni

Meeting Annie changed my life. As simple as that. First of all, because after you follow Mavis Pittilla’s ways, it becomes so difficult to go back and study with mediums who don’t “speak the same language”. I met Annie after quite a few attempts to study with other teachers and she is the first one who managed to help me make a link, feel relaxed and get to know myself.

She turned what until then seemed complicated, vague and unachievable into a simple and friendly conversation with The Spirit World. And everything is done with so much love for Mavis and The Spirit World that it’s really contagious!

Along with her extensive knowledge, and her amazing abilities (Wait until you see her demonstrating!), she has a unique ability to deliver the class in such a clear, down-to-earth, humble way, with tons of humor. As her student, I know she understands me when I feel unconfident, because she isn’t afraid to share the moments of unconfidence she herself experienced along the way. I know that a rational thinking person like me would never have dared to walk this path with so much excitement without a teacher like Annie, and I feel so lucky to have her there to light my path.

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