Annie loves demonstrating both in galleries via zoom and in person in local Churches & Centres

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Annie is always delighted to serve Spiritualist Churches throughout the world,


This is a passion for Annie, and she loves nurturing beginners, through to experienced levels

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Annie Gee

Spiritual Medium, Tutor and Mentor

Annie’s desire to understand everything about mediumship, has really enhanced Annie’s own practice, in demonstrating, providing private readings and of course her teaching.

All of Annie’s students value her depth of knowledge and her ability to transmit information in a clear straightforward way. They also love her humour and warmth, as well as her patience and support.

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"Love is the bridge between you and everything."

~ Rumi

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Meeting Annie changed my life. As simple as that. First of all, because after you follow Mavis Pittilla’s ways, it becomes so difficult to go back and study with mediums who don’t “speak the same language”. I met Annie after quite a few attempts to study with other teachers and she is the first one who managed to help me make a link, feel relaxed and get to know myself.

She turned what until then seemed complicated, vague and unachievable into a simple and friendly conversation with The Spirit World. And everything is done with so much love for Mavis and The Spirit World that it’s really contagious!

Along with her extensive knowledge, and her amazing abilities (Wait until you see her demonstrating!), she has a unique ability to deliver the class in such a clear, down-to-earth, humble way, with tons of humor. As her student, I know she understands me when I feel unconfident, because she isn’t afraid to share the moments of unconfidence she herself experienced along the way. I know that a rational thinking person like me would never have dared to walk this path with so much excitement without a teacher like Annie, and I feel so lucky to have her there to light my path.

Tom Avni

I have been studying and practicing mediumship for close to five years, and have worked under Annie Gee’s tutelage for much of that time. When I did Mavis Pittilla’s year long mentorship, two years in a row, Annie was an important part of those classes and practices. In addition, I have taken Annie’s twelve week class twice.

Annie is a perfect teacher for me. She is committed to all her students’ growth in mediumship, and she knows just how to challenge us so that we reach new depths of our mediumship every week. Annie helps everyone in the group to strengthen their particular areas of weakness, and she is able to do so because she knows each of us so well.

Annie is real. She is funny, compassionate, and she shares her own experiences in mediumship, good and bad, with her students. These stories are priceless. They help us to feel safe in knowing she can relate to our anxiety self doubt, and she has our backs.

Lastly, Annie is a gifted, skilled and always evolving medium. It has been a privilege and an honor to learn from her. She has helped me develop my skills as a medium and my absolute trust in my connection to spirit. Annie has truly been one of the greatest gifts in all my life. I will continue to practice and study with Annie for as long as she will have me.

Erica Karlinsky FL, USA

“In the beginning of my mediumship journey, there was so much fear that I wouldn’t “get it right.” I came from a very left-brain profession and mediumship is all about being in the moment with what is and trusting yourself and the spirit communicator. Annie is such a guiding light for me by walking me through the process with such patience. It was comforting for me to know I could show up in a safe space (online) without judgment. She is kind and comes from the heart while bringing a sense of humor when things get too serious in class. It’s always a welcoming feeling when you’re reminded to have fun! Thank you, Annie, for being such an inspiration to me and for your dedication in sharing your knowledge and expertise as a medium with the world, with honesty and integrity for your students and the Spirit World and continuing to share the wonderful teachings and legacy of Mavis Pittilla”

Donna Colfer CA, USA

Annie has changed my life tremendously for the better!  She has mentored me from day 1 of my journey in mediumship and is an amazing teacher, mentor and I’m honored to say friend now with a true relationship that started immediately and has built closer and closer over the last three years.  She teaches with kindness, humor and understanding, as well as expertise while at the same time challenging you to continue bettering yourself and constantly learn.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as she was personally trained and mentored by Mavis and Jean for many years.  Annie is truly a blessing to Mediumship and I am blessed to have the opportunity to experience her guidance, mentorship and friendship.

Karen Jones USA