Mediumistic Services

Annie Gee

Spiritual Medium, Tutor and Mentor

Here you will find some of the mediumistic services offered by Annie. If you don’t find what you are looking for on this page then please feel free to contact her by clicking the button below:

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Demonstration of Mediumship

Annie loves demonstrating both in galleries via zoom and in person in local Churches & Centres. She has a bright lively approach and communicates wonderfully with both people in the living and the people in the spirit world.

She brings a spontaneous warmth and fun to the process but at the same time shows a dignity and respect for the sensitive situations. Annie feels it is an honour to be able to serve both worlds in this way & be a part of their reunion for a short time.

All her audiences and congregations love her approach and her naturalness.

No-one is left doubting that life continues after death, and that as her wonderful mentor, Mavis Pittilla, used to say, “Love like life can never die.”

Divine Church Services

Annie is always delighted to serve Spiritualist Churches throughout the world, as she firmly believes in the reverence & philosophy of Spiritualism as a religion. Whilst she believes in the importance of communication & the healing that takes place between both worlds, having trained with Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else in the “Whole Medium,” Understanding the Spirit World, Prayer, Philosophy, and the God Source are also so important to her.


Annie has been teaching for Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else, on their “Simplicity of Spirit Programmes” for over five years and is now the leading authorised teacher.

This is a passion for Annie, and she loves nurturing beginners, through to teaching intermediate & experienced levels. She takes great joy in seeing student’s progress, and particularly when she observes their ‘light-bulb moments.”

Annie understands different learning styles and so she has a very flexible approach to her delivery.

Annie has devoted students who embark on several of her courses, as they love her warmth and humour, as well as the knowledge and understanding she loves to share with them. They know that she speaks from her own learning experiences, as well as the extensive training she had with her late Mentor Mavis Pittilla.

Annie has facilitated many in person workshops in the UK & she has recently embarked on an in-person workshops in the USA, along with Jean Else.

This is an area that is constantly expanding as she is in demand in both countries. Please contact for details & availability.