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Donna Colfer CA, USA

“In the beginning of my mediumship journey, there was so much fear that I wouldn’t “get it right.” I came from a very left-brain profession and mediumship is all about being in the moment with what is and trusting yourself and the spirit communicator. Annie is such a guiding light for me by walking me through the process with such patience. It was comforting for me to know I could show up in a safe space (online) without judgment. She is kind and comes from the heart while bringing a sense of humor when things get too serious in class. It’s always a welcoming feeling when you’re reminded to have fun! Thank you, Annie, for being such an inspiration to me and for your dedication in sharing your knowledge and expertise as a medium with the world, with honesty and integrity for your students and the Spirit World and continuing to share the wonderful teachings and legacy of Mavis Pittilla”

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